3 Reasons Your brown anatomy poncho Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

There is something really sexy about cave woman costumes that perhaps comes down to the animal instinct in us all. Whatever it is, there is no doubting that the cave girl costume is one outfit that nearly always turns heads when it is worn at Halloween or at other types of fancy dress parties throughout the year.


There are lots of different styles of cave woman costumes available nowadays, which you can purchase at specialist websites online. Although you are able to pick up a good looking cave girl costume on these sites, you are also probably going to have to buy some cool accessories to go with your outfit in order to get it looking super hot.

Below we look at five such accessories for cave woman costumes which you should definitely consider adding to your cave girl costume.


Get A Cave Woman Wig For Your Outfit

This is one type of costume where a wig is almost a must have accessory. The straggly hair style, available in brown or black, will really set off your cave girl costume nicely. Make sure that if you do decide to buy a wig that you also get yourself a wig cap, in order to control your hair under the wig. The wig cap will not only improve the wig fit for better styling ability, but will also bring you much better comfort.

Get A Headband For Your Outfit


There are a number of different types of cool headbands for cave woman costumes, which will certainly enhance your outfit. Some are based around an animal print, while others include fake animal teeth or even little skulls.

Get Some Jewellery For Your Outfit

Themed jewellery is probably more of an optional extra rather than a must have accessory, but they can play their part depending on the type of image you are going for. Choose from clip on claw earrings, bone necklaces, skull bracelets and sabre tooth anklets.


Get A Caveman Club For Your Outfit

If your sexy cave girl costume does not attract a mate, then you might have to resort to more traditional caveman tactics and club your man over the head with a cool looking caveman club.

Get A Pair Of Stone Age Style Sandals For Your Outfit

As with many fancy dress outfits, the right footwear is the most important accessory for cave woman costumes. A pair of Stone Age style sandals will complete your costume perfectly.

A gold or brown wedge shoe has a statement to make about the wearer. It says "class" "style" and chic. That doesn't diminish the pizazz of red, or the sedateness of black, but brown and gold have a unique place in a woman's closet. Every closet should have some variation of shoe colors. The important colors like black, red, white and tan are the natural fit to most outfits, but what about the other colors? How do gold and brown fit into the lifestyle of the professional working woman?

Brown Anatomy of a scandal poncho shoes are the perfect fit for the working woman that wears a lot of pant suits and has a mixture of colors in her closet. If there is a lot of whites, beige's, yellows, creams and reds, a pair of brown shoes will not only fit into the wardrobe, they will look spectacular. Brown looks best when worn beside cream, but also looks lovely when worn with any off white, white or reds. One can't go wrong with a brown and black shoe and a pair of tan slacks. Brown patent or choc late colored shoes are incredibly gorgeous when worn in a wedge shoe.

While brown is a great color, and perfect for business suits, gold is a wonderful addition to the closet because it adds so much snazzy style. A great pair of gold wedge shoes go with everything. I constantly wear my gold wedges with jeans, skirts, pants and they look fantastic with summer dresses. Although I've had a tough time finding a pair of closed toe gold shoes, I've found a couple and I love them for wearing to winter weddings or, as I did last year, Christmas parties. They're the best shoe for a formal or cocktail dress for winter, but they also survive to wear in summer. Because they are a brighter, shinier color, wearing a gold wedge in the summer isn't uncomfortable, like say a black pair.

One specific look that is fantastic is a mixture of brown and gold. Brown is such a natural base color, and not as serious a color as black, that it works perfectly with any outfit without making it too serene. When one wears a more uplifting colored suit, like cream or white, the brown and gold mixture in the shoes would look fantastic. If you add a little gold belt, and a scarf with brown and gold, the entire outfit would look professional, light and classy.

Often, women find themselves in a rut when they pick out shoes. It's always black or white, tan or some other basic color. A little light colors like gold, brown, red or the hundreds of other colors, can really bring out the sparkle in not only the outfit, but the woman wearing it. The brown wedges or gold wedges make a spectacular entrance. They're fun, flirty, feminine and yet, if you find the right pair, they're also professional and classy. Next time you're off to buy a pair of new shoes, pick up a lovely chocolate colored wedge or a bright and sassy gold.